Canon files two SED TV patents

Canon filed two SED TV related patents on April 30.

Patent 20090108727


Patent 20090111350

These patents cover “electron-emitting device, electron source, image display apparatus and manufacturing method of electron emitting device”.

This is welcome news after a long period of quiet for SED TV. I’ll keep my fingers crossed to see something at CES 2010.

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32 thoughts on “Canon files two SED TV patents”

  1. Let’s wait and see. We still haven’t seen the final episode of the “Canon Show”. I hate LCD and Plasmas, i want a TV which can show nice SD pictures. Since CRT’s are no more in the market, i will wait to SED technology who also can handle HD.

  2. It’s Back …….

    Disregard Canon’s musings and excuses of the last 2 years. Canon needed to perfect the low cost manufacturing process. They have, now it’s time to ramp.

    I suspect Canon will sublicense technology to others. They need critical mass.

    Nothing is a guarentee, my prediction SED TV by Q4 2009. Probability 60%.

  3. Wendy, may the gods listen to you! I’m fed up of LCD’s and plasma’s awful picture quality in SD broadcast. I want SED now!!! 🙁

  4. I can’t use LCD or Plasmas because they mess up my eyes and give me Nausea.

    SED is my only hope but living with PC has helped me concentrate on other hobbies besides PC gaming which was a major addiction for me. I can only use Projectors for gaming and CRT for TV. Rafael Nadal on Clay Courts look terrible on LCDS

  5. Your not going to like the looks of SD on any display tech that is larger then several inches per foot away you view it from. The problem isn’t LCD/Plasma, its the low bandwith of the picture, SED is going to do nothing for that.

    For what it’s worth; I have a Plasma, and SD looks better on it then any other TV I’ve ever watched SD on period. (inc. CRT)


  6. andy…crt picture has always and always will be better than the ‘fluid’ looking motion of lcds and plasmas. the only reason people are saying that plasma and lcd is better is because thats all thats out there at the moment in the marketplace. when sed does come out it will put all the doubters to rest. there will be no comparison for picture qualtiy, speed and blurriness that hampers current lcd/plasma panels on the market.

  7. i forgot to mention the contrast ratio advantage and much lower power consumption sed’s will have also as winning factors.

  8. Come ooooon Canon, stop waiting. Other technologies will eat you, even if not better than Sed. Remember os/2 vs windows? You a have a winning card and you shoud USE IT NOW, when the others are still building crappy tv’s. But if you wait too much, something will take the market even if worse. Forget the crisis, we still need tv sets at home. go go go.

  9. TSoprano, The Primary difference between CRT and Plasma, is that Plasma has an emitter for every sprite, where-as CRT does not, this affords Plasma a MAJOR advantage in both light blooming, sharpness, resolution and profile.

    SED; also a Phosphor based display, simply uses a different ‘charge’ method using micro-emitters rather then gas (plasma) filled cell membrane structure.

    This eliminates the gas ionization requirement, while simultaneously manufacturing costs.

    If you honestly belive CRT looks better then Plasma, you’ve been looking at the wrong televisions.

  10. maybe i have andy but its my opinion and i still think that the overall picture of crt is better than lcd or plasma. i know that both these technologies have come leaps and bounds since hitting the market and have certain advantages but when and if sed ever comes out the leaps in technology for crt will beat lcd and plasmas i feel and has the potential to hit them both out of the abll park. u have to remember that crt type advances have ceased as the technology has been buried until the sed came along.

  11. and crt’s still have the best
    – contrast ratio
    – motion resolution
    – color gamut
    – highest color resolution
    – lifelike images
    – viewing angle

    they also have the least motion blur. doesnt movie studios still use crt’s for picture editing?

    overall they are still better than plasmas and lcds, yes the lcd and plasma may excell over the crt in some of the facets ive mentioned but as an allrounder u cant beat the crt.

    bring on the sed.

  12. Your definately right about the advances in CRT coming to an end which is a shame as they make for some of the best computer gaming displays. I used to have a 21″ Trinitron that could refresh as high as 160Hz, quite impressive when mated to a video card that could keep up.

    Both Plasma’s and OLED’s offer better Contrast then CRT.
    Some LCD’s offer better ANSI contrast as CRT’s can experience light blooming issues.

    Motion resolution is excellent on CRT, but it is on Plasma as well.

    Color Gamut, The ANSI standard uses phoshor, so CRT’s typically conform well, Plasma are phosphor as well and typically offer the same if not better color gamut due to the reduction of light blooming.

    Some LCD’s offer amazing color accuracy and gamut such as the EIZO line but like anything else these advantagse only translate to sources that support the expanded gamut. (I believe what you mean to say is color conformance)

    Highest resolution? this is where CRT’s completely and abysmally fail. Almost every other tech far exceed’s that of the lowly CRT here.

    Lifelike images? I’ll give you that, as ultra-high end CRT’s can display upwards of 200 changing frames per second.

    Viewing angle on CRT is much better then LCD, but the same as Plasma, and OLED, etc…

  13. The HUGE problem with plasmas are the phosphor trails. Really nasty when using it for games 🙁

  14. TSoprano: I agree, nothing out there can touch a CRT for moving pictures. The motion blur from LCD:s and Phosphor trails from Plasmas are too much to take. I still got two CRT:s in stock for my pc gaming needs and hopefully there´s something better out there (SED?) when they die on me.

  15. Anders, the problem is, will SED be on time when youR tv dies? I mean, there are tons of people that are not buying a new tv set because they prefer the picture of their CRT. But these crt’s are starting to die and it’s forcing people to buy whatever is on the market. Canon is slowing down and may be late for the race. Waiting too much means crt’s progresively dying and beeing replaced by LCD/Plasma/…Oled?

  16. I can only hope that some better technology is out when they die on me. I could in a worst case scenario see myself buying a plasma for movies but i will never ever be satisfied with the abomination they call LCD for a pc monitor.

    As you say, time is running short, we need something better VERY soon!

  17. Were working on it we have our two patents now anyday now SED will come out :^)

    I think..

  18. im not in the market for a tv and probably wont be for about a year or so but walking through a big electrical retailer the other day i said to myself one thing that SED will have to be extremely worried about when and if they do launch is pricing. man are the plasmas and lcd’s cheap now. no matter how good the first release SED’s are i think they will have a tough battle on their hands because of the sheer cost factor. this recession aint going away anytime soon too so the timing will be all important too otherwise it could be and early exit for this technology.

  19. just saw and advert here for a big retailer here in oz selling the new samsung led tv’s, can anyone comment on how good they are?

  20. TSoprano:

    You can take a look at Avforums for that. But although Led tv’s have a good SD scaling picture, they have a very annoying effect caused by the autodimming feature, that makes the white backgrounds flash to darker white and then to brighter again and again. It’s very annoying. Darks scenes are too dark, too. Sound is very very bad. Other features are very good. Just test one led tv and decide.

    This “flashing” issue is common to EVERY led tv, since they try to emulate OLED with grouped pixels working together.

  21. No news about SED. I hope not to be forced to buy a plasma or something else. Let’s pray for my CRT to live a lot (already 13 years).

  22. someone posted here that Q4 2009 was a possibilty for a release of SED. i guess thats out of the question.
    anyone heard anything at all about release dates?

  23. actarus…i know for a fact that majority of samsung tvs have crappy basic setups straight out of the box. ie.need tinkering with settings for pic and sound to get good levels, whereas other major brands like sony, pana etc straight out of the box have good preset setting for the average joe.
    im with ya in saying that i dont want to buy a plasm or lcd! i’d lean more to plasma if i had to but only for the amount of sport i watch.

  24. I just tested a LCD and it made my eyes hurt pretty bad. I can’t believe this technology is legal.

  25. Good: You shoud see people saying that it has wonderful picture and no pixeling. This is a complete colective madness. Every buyer says it’s the same picture as a good CRT. I can’t believe that it’s all in their mind.

    My current Trinitron offers, by far, a better picture and no clouding, banding, green ghosting…. etc etc.

    Canon, this is your oportunity to “eat” the market.

  26. Good, Actarus and TSoprano: I agree with you, there’s a big difference in picture quality between LCDs and CRTs. It’s a shame that LCDs have dominated the market. The only benefit that an LCD has is that their Thin and brighter.

    Unfortunately they fail in image quality and almost every other way. LED backlit LCD’s are all marketing gimmicks, they actually worsen the image quality.

    When I’m in an electronic store I notice the difference in picture right away when looking at their LCDs. LCD’s image quality looks almost artificial, don’t even mention rear projection to me, those were a disaster.

    Plasma has a more CRT like picture but it’s still not as good. I own a 40″ Sony XBR CRT as well as a 42″ Panasonic Plasma. When I compared a movie side by side, the CRT has better color saturation then my plasma. Thankfully my Sony CRT Television still works great.

    For a good couple of years I’ve held off buying a 55″ or larger television set hoping that SED would come out, unfortunately that day hasn’t come yet. I would buy a 58″ SED Television set in a second.

    If I had to purchase any 58″ or larger TV I would definitely go with a Plasma, if their still around, it seems as though some of the major plasma companies don’t sell them any more.

    I was also hoping that they would come to the computer market as monitors. I would purchase a 24″ Sed monitor in a heartbeat.

    As good as LCDs have gotten they still don’t compare to my 19″ Sony Trinitron CRT which still works and looks great.

    I’m a big SED and FED, it’s a shame that they haven’t made it to market yet. I mean what could be better than a thin CRT?

  27. Good: People buy these screens because they are flat and new. They think new = better but they don´t understand why everything is suddenly a blurry mess during motion (motion blur or phosphor lag) compared to their old crt:s. Scary enough they accept this and the LCD manufacturers keep laughing all the way to the bank.

    I agree Good: This technology should be ilegal.

  28. very true, the lcd and plasma market has been a massive draw for people just for the sheer size of the screens not for the quality of the picture. my mate has one of the first panasonic viera plasmas that came out, very ordinary picture indeed.
    i know its drifting off topic but there was an article in a paper here in oz about 3D tv’s, anyone know much about them?

  29. 3 months with no news, i’m starting to think that SED is stuck for a long time or even dead.

  30. how much consuming power for the 55inch SED with 1080X1920 resolution?
    Canon reported thah the driving-current of each pixel is about 3mA and the averge working-voltage is about 12V.

  31. I haven’t looked up the specs., but with those numbers that’s a little under 7500 Watts on the 12 volt rail… Now if each pixel draws 3uA (microamps), that’s about 7.5 Watts on the 12 volt rail.

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