Applied Nanotech announced today that they will not appeal the court decision that ruled against them and for Canon in July of this year. That decision (click here for pdf copy) cleared the way for Canon to use the Nano-Proprietary (Applied Nanotech) SED technology for Canon SED TVs.

“Nasdaq-listed Applied Nanotech, which had sued the Japanese company for illegally sublicensing its patents, told the Financial Times that it had decided not to appeal to the US Supreme Court. “It would probably be a futile effort,” said Douglas Baker, Applied Nanotech’s chief financial officer.”

However, Canon President Tsuneji Uchida told the Financial Times that due to the current economic situation “new display products are not introduced much because people would laugh at them.”

The promise of SED TV has so far been unfulfilled. Despite rave reviews from all who were able to view the SED TV at various trade shows, the legal difficulties with Nano kept the set from further development and ultimately, the consumer market.

With OLED TV and FED TV fast approaching the consumer electronics market, it remains to be seen if SED TV can overcome the last few years of enforced isolation from the market.

However, as one of this blog’s readers is so persistent in pointing out, and rightfully so, neither OLED or FED TV manufacturers have displayed anything approaching the screen sizes that Canon has with SED TV. The much publicized difficulties with manufacturing large sized OLED displays have yet to be overcome. FED displays will only be available in a 32″ size as broadcast monitors starting in 2009.

Can or will Canon show up at CES 2009 with the SED TV? I, like many others, was very disappointed two years ago when they pulled out of CES 2007 at literally the last minute. I cancelled my trip and hoped to see the SED TV in 2008. That didn’t happen and we’ll know shortly whether the Canon (SED Inc) SED TV will be on display in Las Vega in January.

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