SED TV – Not at CES 2009 -Again

After an amazing showing at CES 2006, SED TV has failed to appear at the last 3 CES shows in Las Vegas.

I was really hoping that Canon would pull everything together and have one on display. Even just their latest prototype to keep the interest up.

However, as my friend “Rocky” keeps telling me, nothing before its time. If SED Inc doesn’t have a consumer ready model available there’s not much point in showing one at CES. Continue reading “SED TV – Not at CES 2009 -Again”

Canon SED TV can proceed as Applied Nanotech will not appeal


Applied Nanotech announced today that they will not appeal the court decision that ruled against them and for Canon in July of this year. That decision (click here for pdf copy) cleared the way for Canon to use the Nano-Proprietary (Applied Nanotech) SED technology for Canon SED TVs.

“Nasdaq-listed Applied Nanotech, which had sued the Japanese company for illegally sublicensing its patents, told the Financial Times that it had decided not to appeal to the US Supreme Court. “It would probably be a futile effort,” said Douglas Baker, Applied Nanotech’s chief financial officer.”

However, Canon President Tsuneji Uchida told the Financial Times that due to the current economic situation “new display products are not introduced much because people would laugh at them.”

The promise of SED TV has so far been unfulfilled. Despite rave reviews from all who were able to view the SED TV at various trade shows, the legal difficulties with Nano kept the set from further development and ultimately, the consumer market.

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Sony Shows Off 19″ FED Monitor

It seems like FED TV technology is rapidly pulling ahead of SED TV. Sony recently showed off a 19″ FED monitor attached to 4 PS3 consoles playing Gran Turismo 5 at 240 fps!

Audiences were said to be absolutely amazed by the lack of flicker and the quality of the picture.

There is a good story with some great graphics on how FED TV technology compares to OLED technology at Do check it out.

Field Emission Technologies has stated that they plan to release professional FED monitors starting next year. Perhaps FED TVs will follow.

Thanks to Brian R. for the tip.

All Quiet On SED TV

Just in case no one noticed, there’s been nothing new on SED TV for some time now. I was expecting a bit of positive news after Canon winning the appeal in June against Applied Nanotech.

However, we’re now in November. A number of trade shows have come and gone in the last few months with no sign of anything from Canon or SED Inc.

FPD 2008 in Japan, GITEX 2008 in Dubai, CEATEC 2008 in Japan, IFA 2008 in Berlin. These were all recent venues to show the SED TV and we’ve seen nothing.

The next big event in CES 2009 in LAs Vegas in January. It was two years ago that Canon and Toshiba pulled out at the last minute due to certain legal difficulties. What a disaster that was for SED TV.

If Canon/SED Inc. doesn’t show up at CES 2009 in January I will really start to wonder what they are up to and whether or not we will ever see a product from them.

Canon discusses commercialization of SED TV

On the Canon website, SED TV is mentioned as being part of one of it’s Core Engines.

“Canon’s Image Capture, Electrophotography, Inkjet, Photolithography and Display Engines are the five core engines of the company’s products. Each engine, a fusion of multiple technologies, represents the source of competitive excellence in Canon products.
As Canon works to create new engines, these core engines will be further enhanced through basic research and development of state-of-the-art technologies.”

SED TV is mentioned one of the two products in the Display Technologies Engine.

“The development of next-generation displays enables consumers to enjoy the recent surge in high quality, high-definition video content. Canon’s commitment to high quality in the fields of imaging and printing also extends to the area of displays, and the company is now focusing on commercializing SED* and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays.”

It would be great to see SED TV back at CES2009 after a long absence…

Thanks to Bryan for the tip.

SED TV production details at SED Inc. facility

An article appeared yesterday at, a Japanese language site detailed SED TV production plans at the SED Inc. facility.

There is a translation posted at, but it’s not a very good one. I’ll post it below and if anyone can find a better tranlation, please leave a comment with a link. Thanks.

“Don’t you make a “the next generation” display together? SED incorporated company (Canon group businesses)

According to this offer of a position page, it is said that the number of people that the SED incorporated company which does the development of the next generation display “SED” and production in the perfect subsidiary company of Canon produces SED is invited.

Contents of work are to work with a day and night 3 change system with operation of the manufacture device in the clean room.

When do you put SED on the market on earth though it seems to be to start real production?

That is anxious about the price and the screen size because it is a thing with the next generation display which can be expected a light pattern, enlargement.

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SED Inc. increases employee numbers

Since April, the number of employees at SED Inc., Canon’s SED TV panel spin-off has increased from 387 to 635. In combination with the verdict in the Nano vs. Canon case, this is a good indication of a bright future for SED TV.

One question that arises is whether or not Canon will use the Nano technology for the SED panels, or their own that they have been working on since last year.

Thanks to Bryan for the tip.

Court decision in Canon vs. Applied Nanotech case

AUSTIN, TX, Jul 28, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) — Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. announced that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit issued its opinion in its litigation with Canon, Inc. The appeals court in part affirmed, and in part reversed, the rulings of the district court. While the appeals court accepted, without deciding, the district court’s decision that SED, Inc. as originally formed did not qualify as a Canon subsidiary, and that Canon had materially breached the contract, it found that termination of the license agreement was not an appropriate remedy. The appeals court also ruled that the restructured SED, Inc., which is 100% owned by Canon, now qualifies as a Canon subsidiary. The appeals court denied Applied Nanotech’s appeal that the district court had improperly excluded certain evidence from the trial. The decision reinstates Canon’s non-exclusive license to substantially all of Applied Nanotech’s field emission patents, excluding certain display applications. The entire ruling can be found at the court’s website at