SED still breathing

An interesting report concerning SED TV technology has come out of the NAB 2009 show last week. It seems that SED may come out as a professional monitor product, similar to what FET was planning with FED TV. Here’s Peter Putman’s take on it:

“I was asked on more than one occasion about the chances of Canon’s SED making a comeback, something I would not have bet money on after the Nano Technologies licensing debacle. However, a source within Canon told me at the show that the SED is still very much alive as a pro monitor technology. Indeed, a Canon SED engineer from Japan was quietly making the rounds in the Las Vegas Convention Center to scope out the competition.”

If SED is produced as a broadcast monitor there remains the possibility that a SED TV could be forthcoming when times are better.


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8 thoughts on “SED still breathing”

  1. why don’t they just build this damn thing already. it’s clearly a superior product but this is lunacy.

  2. @ Nick: Heard of the economical crisis out there?

    This is good news. Then we know it is alive, although it will probably take some time before it reaches the consumer market. Good strategy by Canon.

  3. oh god, i can’t wait to have one, come on Canon, go ahead. I’m still with my Trinitron CRT wich has outstanding picture quality for DVD, Divx and SD broadcast. I won’t buy anything unless there is a Tv with a REALLY good picture quality for those contents. Current Tv’s are a scam, they are only suitable for HD viewing, wich is not my case.

  4. There is a real market for reference, color-accurate, HDRI monitors. The HP Dreamcolor monitor, with all of its considerable flaws, was all over the place at NAB, and visual effects houses are clamoring for them.

    A SED TV would blow the Dreamcolor into pixie-dust. Is there anything that could be done to help?

  5. Mikael Gibhardt, there are other high ticket products which are coming out despite the economy. You sound like a Canon rep. More people should threaten them to speed it up or lose the sale, instead of saying “ah take your time, we know life is tought.” Time to get some new CEO’s.

  6. Out of a product perspective, that is a much better strategy. The product comes out in a very small high end market where price is of minor importance.

    A market where there is virtually no competition today and in the near future (if it really is that great). Perhaps laser TV though. Missed something? OLED cannot do this, because the screens cannot be made in bigger sizes and it doesn´t last long (enough?). Easy score. SED comes out in production, gets tested, Canon will receive feedback and tweak both product and manufacturing process. The SED technology will become a name and gain a reputation slightly outside of this extremely narrow community of people tracking it. Minor marketing, but very important. Right now, the few tech magazines out there that have mentioned SED the last year or two, have proclaimed it dead. And laser TV have barely been mentioned at all. At the same time, Canon can scan the market for a possibly consumer market launch.

    Even if Canon pushed SED and launched it for the masses right away, very very few would buy it because of the economic situation, no one would know about it (“hey, wasn´t this thing dead?”) and it would be too expensive anyway. And besides, Mitsubishi is already opting for this strategy, so another one going the same way would probably not fit in the lane. All in all, it would be way too risky. To have a chance to establish itself on the big market directly, huge sums of money have to be ventured. Sums no one today is willing to bet on something that isn´t quite asked by the market and not known how well it works in mass production.

    I think Canon knows what they are doing.

    Hope it was readable.

  7. Mikael,

    I think I can speak for most visitors to the site when I say that we appreciate the decent comments that you and other regular readers write.

    As I posted some time ago, any regular commenters are more than welcome to submit stories or posts for the site. Just contact me if interested. Thanks.

  8. There are millions of consumers who are not broke, and I am one of those people that gladly would pay double as much for a SED tv than what a LCD tv cost.

    If you think that everybody only look at the price, and not at the picture quality, then you are wrong! Most LCD and plasma tv owners are not satisfied with their tv!

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