SED TV alternatives

The top 10 current LCD or plasma TV’s as recommended by readers of this blog. Reviews, info and price comparisons coming soon.

Here are some reader’s suggestions so far:

we will see two technologies that will be out & competitively priced this year: the LED LCDs & 1080p Plasmas. Wait for them.

If someone had a gun to my head & forced me to buy a television today it would be DLP projection (front or rear).

My favorite was the HP rear projection DLP TVs that they just took off the market. Also I like the Mitsubishi 720p DLP front screen projectors. I think right now it’s smart to get a 720p projector because the money you save not getting 1080 will allow you a much better 1080 projector in the not to distant future as that technology is moving very fast as the demand is huge.

If you absolutely have to buy today, I’d go with the Sony Bravia XBR3 lineup. By far the best picture quality on the market right now.

Take the contrast ratios with a grain of salt : Many manufacturers are using an iris to artificially simulate better contrast ratios. A buddy of mine has a SONY XBR 60″ TV and the auto-iris is annoying at best, the picture is constantly surging bright and dim as if someone were trying to see how big of objects they could jam down their garbage disposal while you were watching TV.

If you absolutely need to buy something right now, get some speakers or a receiver as audio has more impact then visual anyway. Buying anything less then SED is just throwing your money away.

A cheaper promising alternative may be Hitachi new range of 1080P Plasmas also due towards the end of this year, which also promises revolutionary technology, albeit at a much more affordable price.

When it comes to pound for pound quality, value and specification, historically Hitachi plasmas are hard to beat.

Sony SXRD models based on LCOS technology look the best to me right now when I peruse the store. Much better viewing angles and screen uniformity than the Samsung DLP’s in my opinion.

They run cheaper than the XBR sets as well.

I recommend (and recently purchased) a 60 inch Sony SXRD rear projection TV as a stopgap until SED or equivalent technology become available on the market at a resonable price (looks to be 3 years now). They have an reasonably priced “low end KDS-xxA2000″ and slightly newer KDS-xxA2200 where xx is the screen size. The higher end XBR2 models have more HDMI inputs and beter internal upscaling, which you may or may not need based on your input devices.


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