SED TV Development Continuing Says Canon

Canon plans to continue SED TV development despite the recent fall in LCD TV prices according to Managing Director Masahiro Osawa.

Canon also aims to return to a trend of increasing profits each year in 2010, he said in an interview on Monday.

Canon last month posted a 72 percent fall in quarterly operating profit, also hit by sluggish demand for office machines and a firmer yen, but raised its full-year forecast by 6 percent to reflect more aggressive restructuring steps and a stronger-than-expected demand for high-end digital cameras.

The restructuring moves included cutting 700 jobs at its chip-making equipment business and absorbing Canon Marketing Japan Inc’s chip stepper sales and maintenance operations.

Osawa also said Canon plans to continue development of surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) technology despite sharp falls in LCD prices, although more time will be needed for a commercial launch.

SED TVs were once seen as promising next-generation flat displays, but steep price falls in LCD and plasma panels have raised concerns over the viability of the commercially untested technology. “I believe SEDs have technological competitiveness. But LCD prices have fallen at a much quicker clip than we had anticipated,” Owasa said.

“When it comes to costs and technological expertise for commercial production, we need some time to catch up.”

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48 thoughts on “SED TV Development Continuing Says Canon”

  1. No idea yet. Canon has been pretty much silent on the whole subject for ages. Just a little tidbit of news once or twice per year. Even with this recent bit of news I still don’t expect to see the SED TV at CES 2010.

  2. Unfortunate that the superior technology is sometimes rejected because of the power of the mass market and their unsophisticated tastes. When we should have had better formats than the CD, we now see the mass market hammering the nail into the coffin of SACD and DVD-A with their adoption of the abominable MP3. Even as a niche product, SED will have great obstacles to overcome as TV’s become commodities.

  3. It´s alive! I was getting a little worried.

    nick puts the head on the nail. It is strange that technological leaps can make things become worse. I guess this is a proof of that people in general doesn´t understand, know or care about quality. It is the money that counts. People seem to be happy with things that somewhat resembles the source, not caring about details at all.

    “When it comes to costs and technological expertise for commercial production, we need some time to catch up.”
    As expected. I really hope the prices on current technology TV don´t fall too low too fast. That could make the introduction of any new screen technology impossible. Horrible thought. That is the backside of modern technology in general. It is not only possible, but relatively easy sometimes, to produce a product at a very low price that still fill their function and somewhat keeps up with a certain level of quality.

  4. Bad news. LCD dropping prices, HD broadcast starting to spread. I think SED will end up by not being necessary since HD pictures will look very fine on high end LCD’s. I’m afraid that the next generation will be OLED, just after the LED’s have been carefully exploited.

  5. if the SED tv aint out by 2011-20012 i think its over red rover. advances in LCD and the pricing drop will continue and it will be very hard i think for them to jump in competitively priced.
    heres hoping anyway.

  6. i also think that by 2011-2012 that the world economy will be starting to find its way out of the hole its been in the past year and a bit. timing is everything with this stuff and if they launch the product in better economic times it will help a lot.

  7. Ive always wanted to make the leap from crt to sed. I dont think this is ever going to happen. come on cannon give me my electrons

  8. They are almost impossible to contact so I have no info on current staffing levels. There was a commenter here a while back who sent me good info from time to time but nothing recent.

  9. Well, i was watching yesterday a Sony Bravia (LCD) playing a BR movie (Gladiator 1080p) and the picture was… bad. Lot of artifacts related to movement and pixeling. LCD’s are not made for tv broadcast. We need an alternative since Plasma are progresively dying. Canon, where are your SED tv sets????

  10. I haven’t looked into LCD specs a whole heckuva lot except for a little bit with computer monitors. I remember a couple of years the thing to look for in LCD monitors was a refresh rate of 4ms or better. Anything 5 and up was considered bad for gaming. How does this translate over to televisions? No, I’ve never really Googled it as I really don’t have much “me” time except at work and this post is about as much non-work usage I can do. 🙁

  11. Still no news? Led tv’s still dropping prices. Canon, what did you expect? The market waiting until you decide to launch your SED technology? You are loosing the train…

  12. What i find funny from the title is “SED TV development continuing…”. My god, it must be the longest development in human history for an electronic product. Reminds me the game “Duke Nukem Forever” in development since 1997…

  13. There are millions of consumers who are not broke, and I am one of those people that gladly would pay double as much for a SED tv than what a LCD tv in the same size cost.

    If you think that everybody only look at the price, and not at the picture quality, then you are wrong! Most LCD and plasma tv owners are not satisfied with their tv!

    Many actually buy a Samsung “LED” because it is “new”, and they think that new is better. What a joke. Samsungs own top plasma tv are far better than their “LED tv”, but people don’t know that, and buy the “LED tv” because it’s?……….. NEW!

    Canon could sell a lot of SED tv. Simply because SED tv are NEW! Some people allways want the NEWEST TECH! That’s the kind of people that buy a new cell phone every year.

    People like myself just want the best picture quality. I want a 50 inch SED TV, or at least a 50 inch SED monitor that I could connect to a HD-box via HDMI. HDMI 1.3 and HDMI 1.4 would be perfect for my 50 inch Canon SED monitor.

    Luckely I stil have me 32 inch JVC CRT tv from 2006. I would newer buy a LCD tv, but if I can’t buy a 50 inch SED tv or a 50 inch SED monitor next year, I will buy a 50 inch plasma tv from Samsung or Panasonic.

    2010 wold soccer championchip on a 50 inch SED tv? I would love it.

  14. Her is what I wrote to Canons “support”

    I will not call from Denmark. Yes, I live in Denmark. Why can’t you just let
    the big bosses at Canon know that people arround the world want a SED tv,
    and that we gladly would pay a higher price for it, than what a LCD tv cost?
    Most people ar not happy whith their LCD tvs and their buzzing plasma tvs!
    We are many that have been waiting for a long time for the SED tv! Canon
    have the perfekt tv, and don’t bring it to the marked. What is wrong with
    you? I can easily affort a Pioneer 50 inch plasma tv, but like many others
    arround the world, I kept my 32 inch CRT tv from 2006, in the hope to by a
    Canon SED tv in 2009 or 2010. Canon SED tvs don’t have to be as cheap as LCD
    tvs, BECAUSE of the superior picture quality!!! Let the big bosses at Canon
    like Masahiro Osawa! Think about this: A lot of people allways what the
    newest technology. That the kind of people that buy a new cell phone every
    year. The same people buy Samsung “LED tv” because they want the newest
    thing. (Not because the picture quality is good, because it isn’t). The same
    peolpe would by a Canon SED tv because it would be the newest thing!!! With
    a BETTER picture quality that LCD/LED and plasma tv! We want the best
    picture quality! And you? You don’t want to sell a product that millions
    would buy and pay a good price for? All the people who by the top models
    from Samsung and Panasonic would by a Canon SED tv, if it was on the marked!
    WE have the money!

    Why does Canon think that we don’t want to pay a good price for a SED tv? Because many wouldn’t buy a Pioneer tv plasma tv? Because people rather by a expensive LCD Loewe tv or B&O LCD tv with a bad picture
    quality. WHY? Because these people don’t want plasma tv!

    Why is Samsungs LED tv a huge succes? Because LED tv is NEW! So is Canons
    SED tv!!! Right? I want my Canon SED tv! Like many others who don’t want a
    LCD tv, LED tv, or plasma tv! We kept our CRT tvs because Canon have
    prommised to brin SED tvs in 2010!

    I want a new Camcorder and a new 50 inch televison from the same company
    next year. If I can’t by it from Canon, I must by it from Panasonic or
    Samsung. I hope that Canon want some of my money next year… I hope that I
    don’t have to buy a plasma tv… I hope that I can buy a SED tv!

    Allan Petersen (still wait for Canons SED tv)…

  15. Nice try Allan, i hope they read your comment. But i’m not confident about thi story. I’m afraid that SED project will end up by shutting down like FED did. Now it’s the LED time, wich is an absolute abomination. Then will come OLED with good contrast and color but… with still the same issues than LCD’s like banding, pixeling, juddering…. and a lot of “ings”. Please, CRT’s come back again.

  16. Actarus, how come they don’t close it down then? March 11, 2009 Corpotate stragegy conference: •As for displays, in view of the current market situation, we do not have any plans to launch an SED product this year. We are, however, making steady progress in advancing the core technology in such basic performance areas as image brightness and contrast. For the time being, we will continue our development efforts with an eye toward fields with advanced needs requiring the special properties offered by SED technology.
    •As for organic LED displays, we are strengthening our joint-development efforts with Hitachi Displays.
    •Canon aims to cultivate both SED and OLED technologies and develop them into core components of our cross-media imaging strategy.

  17. If more people would write to Canon there would be a bigger chance to by a SED tv/monitor in the future. “advanced needs” means: professional monitors!

  18. Allan, by 2015 Canon executives will be thinking that it could be a proper year to launch the new technology, but only in New Zealand to test the market, then they wil think about the rest of the world. 😉

    All what is happening is really ridiculous since we are speaking about a product that was intended to be launched on 2006!!!

  19. Thanks for all the geat comments. I haven’t been able to find an email link to SED Inc or any division of Canon that is reponsible for SED TV.

    If anyone can dig one up I’d appreciate it. Perhaps I could forward a selection of your questions and see if we get a response.

  20. The very fact that manufacturers can get away with having dead pixel policies tells you something about people’s standards and the whole horror show that is LCD.
    Overpriced crap if you ask me.

  21. Well, Canon know’s that millions are not happy with their buzzing plasma tv’s that consume a lot more power than Canon SED tv. Millions are not happy with their LCD/LED tv’s eighter. Don’t you think that they don’t know that they have the best of the best? The other big companies in this business will do everything to keep Canon away from the marked, but we are many that would pay a higher price for the BEST picture quality. I rather pay double as much for a SED tv than what a LCD tv or plasma tv from Panasonic or Samsung in the same size cost, and their are many of my kind. Canon should know that.

  22. love your passion Allan about the SED tv’s and all. but as more time goes on i think it will be harder for Canon to get this product out there to the general public for the sheer factor of money. all the lcd’s and now dying plasmas are ridiclously cheap.
    “For the time being, we will continue our development efforts with an eye toward fields with advanced needs requiring the special properties offered by SED technology.” this quote from Canon means that if there is a requirement to be filled in which SED and accomodate then it will develop. the only thing i can think of here is people with big budgets that require and would want these screens initially like movie/music studios and anyone that does high level graphical imaging editing.

  23. You don’t get it? Millions of LCD and plasma owners are not happy with their tv’s and would gladly pay more for a SED tv because it have a much better picture quality, no buzz and consume less power than normal LCD tv’s and much less than plasma tv’s. People who buy a 50 inch Panasonic V10 plasma would not buy a Sony LCD for half the money. Why? Because of the picture quality! But would the same people pay something like 25% more for a Canon SED tv? Yes, because they would get a much better picture quality and save a lot of money on the power consumption. Electricity cost here in Denmark and in other countries like Germany “thanks” to high taxes much more than in the USA, so paying 25% more for a 50 inch Canon SED tv then what a 50 inch Panasonic plasma V10 cost would be cheaper in the long run, AND who doesn’t want a much better television then the one they have now? Yes, many allways by cheap, cheap, cheap, but many other will allways pay more for better quality. Why do you think millions of people have german cars like AUDI, BMW and Mercedes? Well, it’s not because german cars are the cheapest in the world. You know that. Hopefully Canon know that to.

  24. Pioneers top model KRP 500M have been sold out for allmost 6 month here in Denmark, and there are only two KRP 600M left. They are only monitors, but people have a HD-box from their channel provider anyway, so they don’t need a DVB-C, DVB-T, or DVB-S tuner in the screen anyway. A Canon professional monitor with HDMI 1.3 and HDMI 1.4 would sell wery well. I have no doubt about that it would become the new reference at many av-websites around the world, including who test all kind of flatscreens. The website is also in english.

  25. I would gladly pay 30.000 DKR (6.000$) for an 55 inch Canon SED tv/monitor, and I am not the only one…;)

  26. i do get it Allan, if u search back on older articles on this website i argued with someone the advantages of crt/SED tv over lcd and plasma when that person was writing off SED as inadequate.

    $6000…i would pay that too Allan but the stuffing around from canon and nano technology has been very disappointing. i just want this technology out there asap as much as u and anyone else that is serious about having the best picture quality.

    i have not gone down the path of lcd or plasma yet and am still using a crt with set top box that has brilliant picture still.

  27. Good choice. I rent a HD-box from my cable provider and the picture quality on my three years old JVC CRT is stunning compares to the most flatscreens and I only use scart between the tv and the HD-box because the tv don’t have HDMI. It’s only 32 inch but when I look at the raw picture quality… No complains.

  28. What these companies fail to realize is that the generation that grew up with videogames is now grown up. We are working adults with good paying jobs. I still play the original Halo on two CRT TVs when I LAN the game with friends because there is no LCD or Plasma available with zero input lag. I would pay for an SED TV in a second. Hell I might buy two. SED is not an alternative, it is filling a gap. There is a void in the market for lagless panels. They do not exist and there is a huge generation of people who care about lag.

    The videogame industry is bigger than Hollywood. Gamers are now adults with money. GIVE US A SOLUTION TO INPUT LAG PLEASE. I really hope a damn rep from Canon reads these blogs. Someone please forward my letter if they’re already writing to Canon. The fact that they’re keeping these off the market cause they think there is no demand is just silly. We may be a small group (the ones who really care) but there are enough of us and the people who want the absolute best picture quality to support this.

    Nothing but SED can claim to be the “perfect” TV. There are TONS of people out there with lots of money just waiting for the ‘perfect’ anything. People with credit cards just hanging on the words of some random idiot at best buy telling them this is the best TV hands down, no questions. Supply that TV and WATCH them sell.

  29. What CRT monitors are you people using that have such a ‘brilliant’ picture to them? I’m sorry, but most CRT’s look pretty trashy by todays (ok, so last years) Plasma standards. Sure there are trade offs between the two, but yeah… Put it next to a Kuro, and tell me your serious. Not to say anything is wrong with CRT…

    Well, other then convergence, focus, light blooming, resolution limitations, geometric distortion, scan lines, product weight, product depth, degauss requirements, Keep speakers away from tube, etc…

    v.s. Plasma buzz (audible), Image buzz, phosphor trails, and power consumption… Am I missing anything?

    Plasma > CRT.

    SED = Cheap alternative to Plasma with possible IQ advantages; logical next step.

  30. I agree with Andy 100%. Until you put the two TVs right next to each other, it’s more talk than fact.

    I have a Pioneer Kuro 6010 Plasma (60″) next to a Sony 40″ XBR800 CRT. I also have a Sony 32″ KV-32HS510 CRT that was my main TV from 2000 until 2007.

    Here is my situation and observations.

    My Sony 32″ is a great TV, but I wanted a bigger size. After researching online and in Home Theater magazines, I went with the Pioneer. The HD picture was outstanding. The SD picture was disappointing. I felt letdown about the SD so I decided to buy a used Sony 40″. After comparing the Sony CRT 40″ and the Pioneer next to each other, the Pioneer was better. This included sources such as Charter Cable, Charter HD through a Scientific Atlanta PVR, ATT U-Verse HD PVR, Panasonic Blu Ray Player, and a Panasonic DVD Recorder with 120 gig hard drive. My conclusion is that the Pioneer magnifies the problem with SD. The SD source looks worse the more it is enlarged but still looks as good as the CRT. I thought I would still use the Sony for SD programs or DVDs, but I only use it for dubbing while watching the Pioneer. I sit 8 feet away from both TVs. I could sit up to about 4 or 5 feet away with the Pioneer. The Sony needs at least an 8 foot viewing distance because any closer the viewer sees the screen door effect.

    For me, the Pioneer has made the past CRTs obsolete in a side by side comparison. The Pioneer also made me lose the desire for a front projector system.

    I would still buy a SED tomorrow if they were available in any size. My perfect TV would be about a 7’H X 14’W screen SED for about $5000 (Hey, I can dream).

  31. yeah, ok, Pioneer rocks, but… there are no more Kuros in the market. Most close plasmas are Panasonic ones, but not as godd as Pioneer. That’s why crt’s have, again, a reason to survive.

  32. I don’t know if this has been mentioned before but I just found this on Wikipedia:

    In April 2009 during NAB 2009, Peter Putman was quoted as saying “I was asked on more than one occasion about the chances of Canon’s SED making a comeback, something I would not have bet money on after the Nano Technologies licensing debacle. However, a source within Canon told me at the show that the SED is still very much alive as a pro monitor technology. Indeed, a Canon SED engineer from Japan was quietly making the rounds in the Las Vegas Convention Center to scope out the competition.

    It was taken from this article:

  33. Please delete my last comment (#41) as I just found it under the post

    Tue 28 Apr 2009
    SED still breathing

    Sorry for the de de de moment of brain fade as Carlos Mencia would say.



  34. well i fired off an email to canon here in australia pressuring them about info regarding SED and it bounced back after about 3 months because no one had answered it! i hate living on an isolated island.

  35. I still own a Philips 68cm (27″) CRT bought in 1996, and it’s fed nowadays in widescreen by a DVD/HDD recorder through its S-Video input (it doesn’t have component inputs), so it’s 576i maximum resolution from digital broadcasts. I am very happy with the picture quality, which is why I’ve held out on buying a modern television. I simply don’t like them compared to CRT for many reasons.

    So when I heard about SED a few years ago and learned about how it worked and how fundamentally similar to CRT it was, I was over the moon.

    It’s just so disappointing to see this wonderful technology languishing. History has a habit of repeating itself and the superior product doesn’t get up. Will it ever get up? I wonder.

    In the meantime I’m seriously considering buying a second-hand widescreen 82cm (36″) CRT. People often list them on eBay because they want to upgrade to a bigger screen. This size is big enough for me and these sets are mostly high spec and can handle high definition, usually with a set-top box. Some of the Panasonic and Sony models have fantastic clarity. I’m sure many would think me crazy to want to “downgrade” like this, but I don’t want or need a big, modern screen, I just want a clear screen. I’m just very fussy.

  36. looks like economies around the world are slowly picking up. if canon had any vision they could of had a SED set out in time for the world cup. everyone knows that just before world cups and olympic games are the best times to launch tv’s as people scramble to buy the best and latest when these 2 events are on.

  37. just bought a Sony KDL-40W5100 its Ok wish I had a SED siting in front me instead oh well guess at this point we can still dream.

  38. I don’t want to have to stockpile HD CRT television sets so please SED God make SED monitors happen. T_T

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