SED TV development halted by Canon.

According to Reuters, Canon has halted any further development of SED displays for home use.

Canon’s inability to bring down production costs was stated as the main reason for stopping further SED TV work.

As any regular visitor here knows, the legal troubles of the past few years were probably also a major factor in crippling what could have been the best flat panel display available so far.

Canon may continue to develop the technology for image diagnostic and other commercial uses but we won’t see a 50″ SED in stores in the future.

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16 thoughts on “SED TV development halted by Canon.”

  1. It’s unfortunate to see. As SED TV Guy said SED could have easily been the best display technology on the market if it’s launch hadn’t been held up for years due to patent trolling by Applied Nanotech. What are the chances that SED patents and technologies could be licensed or bought in the same way AU Optronics acquired the tech and patents to FED following FET Inc’s demise? Would Samsung still be interested in SED after all these years?

  2. It’s surprising to read the production plans were halted due to high production costs. This always struck me as an inexpesnsive tech compared to say plasma.

    It’s interesting to hear production will continue for comercial applications though.

  3. Well, there goes another one. I can’t help feeling I’ve given it the kiss of death. I have this amazing ability to back brilliant technologies that sadly don’t get up.

    So if you ever want to know what will succeed, just ask me, and then pick something else.

    I was really looking forward to SED. Now it looks like I’ll have to resort to something less when my high-end CRT dies.

    In memoriam – SED – 1999-2010

  4. I tried OLED a Zune HD 3.3 screen it messed with my vision to the pont where I had to return it.
    So no oled isn’t for everyone I guess the only thing I can look foward to are led projectors like the HX300 that just came out in Korea.

  5. I tried to leave a comment on the FED TV reviews page but it’s still waiting to be moderated. That was over a month ago…

  6. It’s cool. Not upset. I just figured life got in the way because I doubt these sites are what pay your mortgage. 😉

  7. SED looked nice, but…100 thousand to 1 contrast?! As far as I understand, an old CRT has 1 million to one contrast. That new AMOLED LG TV has 10 million to one contrast.

    I mean, SED sounded nice in theory. It also sounded like really, really low power. Maybe even less than FED? I have no idea.
    But what do I want? Uh, sharpness, wonderful definition, a lot of contrast, vivid colors, huge lifetime, low power consumption and thin displays.
    In that case, it seems that SED was a more modern-looking, slimmer and power-friendlier CRT. Not a better one.

    Is OLED going to let me down? Maybe, since it has blue-color trouble and low lifetimes for the blue layer. But they say AMOLED goes a long way to fix the blue issue.

    Still, FED does everything that CRT did, with less power. The problem is that it needs a higher vacuum, which it damages by itself because it releases gas when the electron rays hit the luminescent layer. Folks should hook up a vacuum pump to that tube and ship it integrated in the TV / computer display itself.

  8. Frustated to see the end of SED TV like this.

    I hope in future this technology will be used to bring back SED TV in some other name. We shall wait till then and I know its going to be a long wait if it happens.


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