SED TV – Not at CES 2009 -Again

After an amazing showing at CES 2006, SED TV has failed to appear at the last 3 CES shows in Las Vegas.

I was really hoping that Canon would pull everything together and have one on display. Even just their latest prototype to keep the interest up.

However, as my friend “Rocky” keeps telling me, nothing before its time. If SED Inc doesn’t have a consumer ready model available there’s not much point in showing one at CES.

At least they’ll avoid the type of hype surrounding the latest OLED TV displays at CES. Bigger, better, amazing. All true, but you sure can’t buy any of them yet. Or likely anytime soon.

I had the opportunity to review the Sony XEL-1 and it really is just a concept TV for early adopters.

Also, with CES attendance down 22% this year and the economy everywhere in the toilet, it’s not likely to be the best time to introduce the next flat panel TV technology to an under-enthusiastic market. If you’re reading this I don’t mean you!

Perhaps 2010 will be the year we see SED TV appear to oohs and ahhs, a good screen size and a reasonably high price.

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