Sony/FET FED TV bites the dust

As I reported at FED TV Reviews, Field Emission Technologies has given up on producing field emission displays and FED TVs.

Sony stated that the reason was trouble obtaining financing for production. Not acquiring Pioneer’s plasma plant last year really threw a wrench into their spokes.

The big question for SED TV fans is whether or not this is a good thing for SED TV technology.

FED is gone for now, Pioneer Kuro is no more, OLED TV in any decent screen size won’t be here for a LONG time.

What will Canon and SED Inc. do next?

Canon SED TV can proceed as Applied Nanotech will not appeal


Applied Nanotech announced today that they will not appeal the court decision that ruled against them and for Canon in July of this year. That decision (click here for pdf copy) cleared the way for Canon to use the Nano-Proprietary (Applied Nanotech) SED technology for Canon SED TVs.

“Nasdaq-listed Applied Nanotech, which had sued the Japanese company for illegally sublicensing its patents, told the Financial Times that it had decided not to appeal to the US Supreme Court. “It would probably be a futile effort,” said Douglas Baker, Applied Nanotech’s chief financial officer.”

However, Canon President Tsuneji Uchida told the Financial Times that due to the current economic situation “new display products are not introduced much because people would laugh at them.”

The promise of SED TV has so far been unfulfilled. Despite rave reviews from all who were able to view the SED TV at various trade shows, the legal difficulties with Nano kept the set from further development and ultimately, the consumer market.

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Sony Shows Off 19″ FED Monitor

It seems like FED TV technology is rapidly pulling ahead of SED TV. Sony recently showed off a 19″ FED monitor attached to 4 PS3 consoles playing Gran Turismo 5 at 240 fps!

Audiences were said to be absolutely amazed by the lack of flicker and the quality of the picture.

There is a good story with some great graphics on how FED TV technology compares to OLED technology at Do check it out.

Field Emission Technologies has stated that they plan to release professional FED monitors starting next year. Perhaps FED TVs will follow.

Thanks to Brian R. for the tip.

SED TV update

Canon is still working on getting an SED TV produced with a panel using their own technology. Hopefully we will see a Canon SED TV display at both CEATEC in Japan starting September 30th and CES2009 in Las Vegas next January.

In my opinion, the pressure on Canon has just increased with the announcement of the imminent (2009) production of FED TVs or field emission displays from FET, a spin-off from Sony. See FED TV link. Their plans include a 60″ consumer model FED TV after beginning with FED monitor shipments for broadcast and medical applications.

Also imminent, hopefully before 2009, is the decision in the Nano-Proprietary vs. Canon licensing dispute. The last court date was supposed to be June 4 with the decision expected within the next few months.

In any case, the next 6 months are very important for the future of SED television. With realistic sized OLED TV on the horizon and the expected competition from Field Emission Technologies, Canon needs to announce SED TV production to remain ahead of the pack.